Desaparicion de las imagenes

jordi alcaraz
Desaparición de las imagenes / La scomparsa delle immagini

where: Galleria Torbandena
when: 20 November 2010 – 15 January 2011
opening: Saturday, 20 November 2010 6.30 pm

Galleria Torbandena in Trieste presents Desaparición de las imagenes / The Disappearance of Images, a solo exhibition that showcases the latest works by Catalan artist Jordi Alcaraz.

Born in 1963, Alcaraz is among the most interesting figures of the contemporary international art scene and much sought-after by private collectors: he is represented by some of the most prestigious art galleries in Europe, such as Michael Haas in Berlin and Joan Prats in Barcelona. His works have been for a long time now displayed at major contemporary art fairs worldwide, from Art Basel and Art Basel Miami to Art Chicago, from FIAC in Paris to ARCO in Madrid and Arte Fiera in Bologna. His first US solo show opened at the end of September at the Jack Rutberg Gallery in Los Angeles.

Jordi Alcaraz's works may be placed halfway between sculpture and drawing.
The affected combination of different materials by definition, plays the leading role and permeates his work with a kind of refined timelessness: the dusty fragility of an old book found in an unknown flea market spreads bewildered messages of modernity when you look at it again through a plexiglas sheet, just like a giant clay vase – the survivor of a mysterious shipwreck – hanging upside down from a pedestal fixed to the middle of the roof in the hall, from where a noise of falling stones comes out, creating an artificial prodigy, an explicit fiction that aims to puzzle the viewers playing with their primordial perceptions. Within such a bizarre mixture, the images disappear, images that in the generation of the work move away, leaving behind the trace of their ancient presence, visible in those holes that often disfigure the pictorial surface, or, at times, oblivious of some of their colours, that have remained entangled in a corner of the paper.

Around a conscious and scientific type of minimalism, that shows few and well-thought pictorial or sculptural interventions, revolves the Catalan artist's poetics, capable of attracting us with grace and irony– also through the titles of his works- towards a deep investigation into the different essence of things: the viewer is given the opportunity of discovering the B-side of the noises of the world, a world, his own, redesigned, reinterpreted and then again expressed, playing with paradoxes and metaphors.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the presentation of a new book dedicated to Alcaraz, Dibuixos, the result of the collaboration of four galleries - Galleria Torbandena, Galeria Nieves Fernandez in Madrid, Galerie Stefan Roepke in Cologne, and Jack Rutberg Gallery in Los Angeles – that will include part of the latest production by the Catalan artist with accompanying reviews by Mariano Navarro and Peter Selz.

Catalogue available